Wine Songs. Part 1

Do you like wine? And do you like music? Do you think your favourite musicians drank wine? Did wine inspire them? Did they write songs about wine? Wine songs? Perhaps such thoughts will seem strange to someone. But on the other hand, what else to think about if you are at home tonight, opened a bottle of wine and turned on the good old favourite songs. Time to invite someone near you to dance. If you are alone, it doesn’t matter, dance anyway! Do not want to dance? Sit comfortably, close your eyes and dream! Wine and your favourite songs make wonders! And they are wine songs, then the effect is even doubled.

VinoLove Wine Songs Selection

  • Queen – Killer Queen

“She keeps Moet et Chandon, In her pretty cabinet

‘Let them eat cake’ she says, Just like Marie Antoinette”

This is a song about a girl from a high class. Moet at Chandon is the world’s largest champagne house and Marie Antoinette is a French queen, who hade a life, full of parties, feasts and champagne!

  • Billy Joel – Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

A bottle of white, a bottle of red, perhaps a bottle of rosé instead?

 Joel said he came up with the “Bottle of white, bottle of red” line while he was dining at a restaurant and a waiter actually came up to him and said, “Bottle of white… bottle of red… perhaps a bottle of rose instead?”. In a later interview, Joel cites the second side of The Beatles album Abbey Road as one of the main influences behind Scenes From an Italian Restaurant.

  • Jimmy Buffett – Tin Cup Chalice

With a tin cup for a chalice, fill it up with good red wine

And I’m a chewin on a honeysuckle vine

This song will make you miss summer vacation by the sea.

  • Neil Diamond – Cracklin’ Rosie

Cracklin’ Rosie, you’re a store-bought woman

You make me sing like a guitar hummin

You might think that this song is about a woman whose name is Rosie. But in fact, Cracklin ‘Rosie is a wine of the Indian tribe living in Canada. As you understand, this is a rose wine. And it’s a bit fizzy.

  • Oasis – Champagne Supernova

Some day you will find me caught beneath the landslide

In a champagne supernova – A champagne supernova in the sky

If you need a special occasion to open a hidden bottle of champagne – just turn on this song!

  • Paul Anka – A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine

Just give me a steel guitar, a glass of wine

And let me drink to a love I thought was mine

A love I thought was true to me

But now I’m drinkin’ to her memory

Well, some old funny songs about love. Why not with Friday wine?

  • Billy Joel – Big Shot

You had the Dom Perignon in your hand and the spoon up your nose

Dom Perignon is the other famous Champagne brand. Rumours tell that this song was based on a bad date Billy Joel had with Mick Jagger’s ex-wife Bianca. 

  • Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

She never drinks the water and makes you order French Champagne

Once you’ve had a taste of her you’ll never be the same

A bit of dancing! This song was released back in the late 90s, and it still makes you smile and start dancing, whatever it is going on. And champagne still remains the leader in my selection of wine songs.

While I was compiling this selection of wine songs, I had many more ideas about the songs that I could add. But then this post will be endless. And I already want to pour myself a glass of wine and dance. So let’s stop on it. And we will definitely continue later.

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