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The last time I did a selection of songs about wine, I realized that there are a lot more wine songs than could fit in one post. Therefore, here I present to you the second part of my playlist for wine lovers, where you will find not only the songs but also the wines to which, in my humble opinion, they are suitable.

  • Let’s start with the gentle and delicate Irish Damien Rice and his song Cheers Darling. This song, despite the supposedly promising funny name (after all, we say Cheers when we celebrate something) is sad enough! But how beautiful it is, such refined sadness, the sweet bitterness of the sorrow of the lyrical hero. I would like to pour myself a glass of some delicate, but nevertheless bright and magnificent wine and enjoy. It would be ideal for rose champagne for breakfast, to smile at the sun and say “Cheers Darling” to someone very sweetheart, whether this person is close or far!
  • Then a little bit of classics with Neil Diamond and his song Red, Red, Wine. Here the song about wine is also sad, and also about lost love.

Red, red wine, Go to my head
Make me forget that I, Still need her so

But I imagine a languid evening, when after a glass of heady, strong, powerful and delicious red wine, for example from the French region of Cahors, you want to invite the most beautiful girl to dance.

  • Billy Joel with his song Piano Man gives us very positive emotions. Imagine how you go to your familiar and beloved bar. The bartender is your friend and knows exactly what you like. An atmosphere is pleasant. The pianist plays a familiar favourite song. You feel at home. How nice to be in this good old “your” bar. And among the conversations, music, familiar smiles, the bartender gives you a glass of vermouth, simple and honest. How nice to be here now!
  • And to add some more pleasant nostalgia we go to the EaglesHotel California.

Mirrors on the ceiling, the pink champagne on ice
And she said ‘We are all just prisoners here, of our own device

This song is a legend! It contains several references to wine.

So I called up the captain, Please bring me my wine, He said “We haven’t had that spirit here since 1969

supposedly backs this up as the hospital staff used to give wine to the patients to calm them before dinner. This practice was halted in -you guessed it- 1969.

You, like many hippies, can start drinking pink champagne on ice after this song. But I imagine a road trip when you stop in an unfamiliar bar in an unfamiliar city and get a little tired of the road and want to relax, take a fresh cold glass of sparkling wine! Not Champagne, but simply that which is found in this godforsaken place on the road. But the coolness, freshness and pleasant bubble do their job, you go to your “Hotel California” tired, but happy.

  • Since the summer is almost here, you cannot avoid the song Summer Wine by Lana Del Rey. This cover is now better known than the original, recorded several decades earlier by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood. Listen to both versions and choose one for yourself. The beginning is very romantic. A woman invites a man to share summer wine with her. But in the end, a drunk and seduced man wakes up alone and robbed. So be careful! Nevertheless, do not stop trusting beautiful women and drinking wine with them. As an example, fragrant, fresh Riesling. I think it is a great seductive summer wine!
  • I could not help but include a song about sherry in this selection of songs about wine. And this is quite an old funny song called Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys.

Eyes that look like heaven, lips like sherry wine.

What to drink for this song? Well, here it is obvious! Sherry! By the way, sherry is a fortified wine produced in southern Spain. It can be dry, sweet, or even very sweet. It is can be light and full-bodied. Sherry is diverse and beautiful, for this reason I love it. So, you will definitely find your style among the abundance.

  • There is a great song about wine from Johnny Cash. It is called Melva’s Wine. This song is about family traditions, old friends, pleasant songs, native places, affections. It’s good to listen to it with someone you know well, whom you trust. You know, such an evening when you open a bottle of fresh, pleasant, but little-known wine. After all, you want to give your beloved one or friends a taste of something new from your recent discoveries(try to surprise your friends with wine from Terra Alta, for example). You pour wine into glasses, taste it, and with the phrase “Do you remember …?” your conversations cannot be stopped until morning.
  • And today we’ll finish with my favorite Beatles with their cheerful song When I’m 64. These musicians make me smile under any circumstances. And especially when they make songs about wine.

When I get older losing my hair, Many years from now
Will you still be sending me a valentine, Birthday greetings, bottle of wine?

Cute! Indeed it is! We rejoice at our great victories, but only pleasant little things make us happy. So I can’t imagine what could be better if you are sent a nice postcard and a bottle of good wine as a present? What can be compared with drinking a bottle of the best wine with those you love? Those who will share with you these little joys of life even at 64. By the way, unfortunately, only Paul and Ringo survived to those 64 among the legendary four. But nevertheless, they continue to make our lives better with their creativity.

Well, I hope that you have someone to send postcards and bottles of your favorite wine to! If you doubt, which wine to choose, take a sparkling wine! It is suitable for any holiday, when you are 20, and when you are 64!

Listen to good music, drink good wine, share it with your loved ones and be happy! Cheers, darlings!

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