Terra Alta

Terra Alta is a wine region in Catalonia. It has a beautiful landscape, delicious wines and cultural heritage. It is less known than the rest wine regions of Catalonia and Spain. Terra Alta is a bit far from the main airports and roads. But it is worth to be visited. So put it on your list till Terra Alta is still a white spot on the wine map. Be the first to discover its delicious white wines and natural resources. 

What to do and try in Terra Alta

  • Wine. Traditional varieties here are Macabeo, Garnatxa blanca, Pereiiada, Garnatxa Negra, Samso and Garnatxa Peruda. 30 % of world area of Garnatxa blanca planting is in Terra Alta region.
  • Landscape. The rural landscapes of Terra Alta are charming. It’s a beautiful combination of mountain ranges, water resources, vineyards and olive trees plantations. 
  • Olive oil. The product has high quality and there is a DO (geographical identification) for the olive oil.
  • Natural tourism resources. Hiking, water sports – plenty of opportunities.
  • Historical sites. Terra Alta has ancient villages, wine cathedrals and places linked to the history of the Civil war in Spain. 
  • Gastronomy. The cuisine is closely linked to the land. Here you can find amazing dishes made from the best local products. 
  • Traditional festivals, where it is possible to get inside local culture and customs.

Places to visit in Terra Alta

Gandesa and its wine cathedral 

terra alta wine cathedral

Gandesa is the capital of Terra Alta. Here you can find a Tourism office, museum and wine shops. The landscapes of Gandesa are vineyards and mountain ranges. The town also a thermal water spa.

One of the most important cultural sites of the town is a wine cathedral. It is a cooperative cellar in the modernism style. There are three main compounds, which make this cellar a historical and cultural monument and a tourism attraction at the same time. The building, which is called “wine cathedral” because of the architectural features of modernism. A community of winemakers as it is a cooperative cellar and represents all the winemakers, who participate. This cellar unites 295 winemakers, who don’t consider each other as competitors, but more as a part of one community. A part of the history of the region and winemaking in rebel 20th century, reflecting political, economic, social changes. As the cellar is a historical monument and is protected, the production is not here right now; but the building is often used for tours. 

Corbera d’Ebre and the Civil War

terra alta cathedral

Corbera d’Ebre is first of all known because of sights connected to the Civil War, especially the Battle of the Ebro, which took place very close. Almost all of the town was destroyed by bombs.

Now visitors can see the ruins of the buildings, cathedral. There is also a museum, where you can learn more about the history of the Civil war and the Battle of the Ebro. But, as for me, the biggest interest is represented by the ruins of the village. The most impressive is a cathedral, as one of my friends told: “Even if you have seen plenty of different cathedrals in your life, you will remember this for sure”. That is true. A demi-ruined cathedral, with a glass roof, is the best representation of a painful history, but not a broken culture of the place. 

Villages of Terra Alta

terra alta

Dels Arcs economy is driven by winemaking. There are several wineries. It is also interesting to visit a festival, related to culture and winemaking. There is a nice restaurant here – Nou Moderno. It is a family hotel and restaurant complex. They propose classic dishes based on local products, parring with Terra Alta wines. Special attention is to local olive oil, which is also an important product of the region. 

Batea is a medieval village on high Plato, full of wineries. They have a wine festival in August. 

Les Planes D’Almudefer impresses with a stunning view of rocks. It is the right place to study differences of wines due to microclimate. 

La Cendrosa I L’Acoula is known by a natural park, view of mountain ranges. 

Bot is a village with olive oil production. Here Green Trail – tour green route – starts. The village also has natural sights, historical medieval places.

Pinell De Brai is known by its cooperative wine cathedral. 

Arnes proposes the pools of crystalline waters for bathes. The honey interpretation centre is also here.

Horta De Sant Joan is a picturesque village, where Picasso centre is situated. By the way, the artist lived in this place for some period of his life.

Prat De Comte is where the highest mountains in the region. 

Tourist Routes in Terra Alta

Foodies will appreciate the routes like“The Paisatges del Vi” (around vineyards) and “Ruta de l’Oli” ( olive oil trail). There are several bike routes for different difficulties. The Peace Path connects different places related to the events of the Civil War.

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