What to do with an open bottle of wine?

Tip of the day. We all must have been in this situation. A nice bottle of wine. You have opened it. A small wine tasting. And … Wine is left … What to do with an open bottle of wine? Do not worry! With the right approach, it’s not so scary!

One manufacturer of cork caps was once asked why it is so difficult to stick the cork back into an open bottle of wine. He smiled and said:

“The cork is angry that you did not finish the wine and it bursts with so much frustration”.

In reality, the thing is the structure of the cork. This material is very porous and elastic. When bottling, the cork is compressed as much as possible using special equipment. When you uncork a bottle of wine, you release a squeezed cork. Freedom! It relaxes and returns to its original volume. And the stopper does not want to shrink again voluntarily. And who would like to?

What to do with an open bottle of wine?

First of all, the bottle needs to be closed! The fact is that one of the main enemies of wine is air. The wine is getting oxidized and spoiled. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your wine tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, then you must minimize the contact of wine with oxygen. There are several simple devices for this. They do not take up much space and are not expensive. So if you like to taste wine. Or drink it in moderation. If you live alone. It is worth thinking about its acquisition. After all, the life of your wine can be extended. And your pleasure, respectively, too.

The main ways to save wine

open bottle of wine

Carbon dioxide dispenser. It is usually used in restaurants. The dispenser is put on the neck of the bottle. Carbon dioxide in the right concentration neutralizes the effect of air in an open bottle of wine.

open bottle of wine

Vacu-vin is a tiny pump that pumps oxygen out of an open bottle of wine. A special plug does not allow the oxygen to get inside the bottle again. At home – this is the most effective way to keep an open bottle of wine, as for me.

open bottle of wine

Glass stopper. A little less efficient, but as simple as possible. You cannot pump out air that has already entered your open bottle of wine. But with this sealed cork, you can protect your wine from a new dose of oxygen.

open bottle of wine

A smaller bottle. The larger the volume of oxygen in the bottle, the faster and more oxidized the wine. If you have drunk half a bottle of wine and decided to leave the other half for tomorrow, then look for a smaller bottle. For example, 375 ml. You pour your wine into this small bottle, there is almost no room for oxygen inside. Close it tightly and voila. The wine is saved!

open bottle of sparkling wine

Stopper for an open bottle of sparkling wine. There is a cork for sparkling wines. After all, we need not only to protect the wine from oxygen but also to preserve the bubbles. A special cork is put on the neck of the bottle and snaps. So the wine is protected from oxygen. And the pressure inside the bottle is also maintained, which gives us this charming sparkling effect.

Well, taste the wine in moderation! Take care of yourself! And your wine!

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