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Today we all have more time for books and movies. Yesterday a selection of books and blogs about wine was made. Today, let’s expand this topic a bit and talk about food, not only in terms of tasting. We digress and watch movies about gastronomy, where it is an inseparable attribute of the surroundings and atmosphere shown in the film.

Movies about gastronomy Selection:

  • Eat. Pray. Love. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. Main character, played by the unsurpassed Julia Roberts, understands that she does not live her own life and goes to travel. The first country on her way is Italy. And as you understand, Italy would not be so charming without its cuisine and wine pairing!
  • It’s complicated. Star duo Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin. The film is about relationship. But! The bakery of the main character is a passion of her life. Many scenes from of the movie take place here. For example, baking croissants together, what could be more romantic?
  • Julie and Julia. Another picture from one of the greatest actresses of our time – Meryl Streep. Modern blogger Julie is cooking following the recipes of the book, written by chef Julia Child, who lived half a century ago.
  • Woman on top. Here the beautiful Penelope Cruz plays, who, in search of a new life and new gastronomy routes, goes to San Francisco. Gastronomy is the main passion of her life. The film is light, pleasant, colorful and full of all sorts of pleasant aromas.
  • No Reservations. The beautiful woman played by Catherine Zeta-Jones suddenly meets a girl and a man who are able to change her life. Here you will also find many culinary and restaurant scenes, many food and wine.

European Movies about gastronomy:

  • Le chef. This movie shows the different views on culinary art, a story of cooperation and confrontation between two chefs. One of them is played by everyone’s beloved Jean Renault. It is also said that the second actor, Michael Youn, was advised by one of the most famous chefs of our time – Alain Ducasse, a chef of three 3 Michelin stars restaurants.
  • Toast. A movie adaptation of chef Nigel Slater’s autobiography. It tells about the boy’s childhood and relationships in his family through the food. The main female roles in the movie is played by the talented Helena Bonham Carter. The film is pleasant and atmospheric, will inspire you to relax and eat something delicious.
  • Chocolat. A bit of sweetness for a dessert. The love story of the main characters played by the magnificent Johnny Depp and the charming Juliette Binoche, filled with romance and chocolate flor.

In fact, there are much more good films where food and gastronomy are rendered close-ups. Do not be discouraged if your favorite movie is not this collection, write me on Facebook or Instagram about it, and I’ll be happy to create a continuation of this article.

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