What to read about wine: Books, Blogs, Instagram profiles

I get a lot of questions like “what to read about wine?”. If you like to drink wine, but you would like to understand it a little better even just to enjoy your apero time. Where to begin? What books will be understandable and accessible for beginners? Whom to folow? Well, catch the selection:

Books to learn about wine

  • Oz Clarke. He has a couple of good books. Check “Wine A-Z”, “The history of wine in 100 bottles”, “Pocket wine book”, “Let me tell you about wine”(the most recent one). Oz Clarke is a famous wine writer. He writes briefly, but about the most important stuff. You will find everything you need to know about wine. Design is also good.
  • Jancis Robinson. “The 24-hour Wine expert”. Frankly speaking, it’s impossible to become a wine expert in 24 hours. So do not be too much inspired by the title. But the book, at least, will help you to become closer to your goal. It is short and easy.
  • Madeline Puckette, Justine Hammack “Wine Folly: The essential guide to wine”. Wine Folly is really strong in its high quality infographics. So you attention will be always focused on nice and informative pictures.

Blogs and social media to follow:

  • Wine Folly – probably the best for the real beginners. Minimum of text and maximum of infographics and maps.
  • American Association of Wine Economists publishes curious statistics about wine.
  • Decanter – besides the articles about the wine they also post quizzes to check your knowledge.
  • Fernando Beteta makes awesome wine maps
  • Wine Spectator – a flagship magazine in wine world

You can find some usuful information on this web page.

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