How to store wine

If you even have small stocks of wine for your home wine tasting, then for sure you were wondering how to store it properly.

Wine does not require much from you. It is tired of endless changes and wants to relax a bit (like you during your last trip to Provence): just lie down quietly so that no one touches it or moves it anywhere. I think you understand it at certain times in your life.

A guide for storing wine?

1. Store wine horizontally. Especially if your wine is corked with natural cork, which is most often used for wines with good aging potential. Lying in a horizontal position, the wine (doesn’r matter do you have conventional or organic wine) moisturizes the cork and does not allow it to dry, thus the air enters the bottle. So if you do not want your wine to turn into a vinegar, give it a little bit of rest and store the bottles horizontally.

2. Wine does not like movements, noise and vibrations. So think carefully about which place will be more convenient to orginize your wine cellar. If you have a basement, then your wine is definitely lucky! Or may be you can afford a professional wine bar.

3. Monitor the temperature, the same for the best wine tasting, actually. The wine feels comfortable in the range from 8 to 18 ° C. But what is even more important is avoiding the fluctuation of the temperature. Wine can adapt to low or high temperatures, but constant changes will become a real stress for it.

4. Wine does not like light (That’s why the majority of the tasting rooms are in the dark cellar like room). Sunlight and ultraviolet are very dangerous for the wine and will certainly not improve its quality.

So, the calmer and more harmonious the rest you provide the wine, the more grateful it will be to you later and will delight you with its amazing flavors and aromas! Take care of yourself and your wine! Stay home and relax more!

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