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VinoLove Club is the ultimate destination to improve your knowledge about wine and taste the best samples. Join me for a one-of-a-kind wine experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for wine. Our tours are informative, entertaining, and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a foodie or a wine connoisseur, my tour will satisfy your appetite for both. 

Dégustation de vin à Nice

Discover tips for improving your knowledge of wine, from understanding the basics to tasting the best samples. Learn about different wine regions, varieties, and food pairings to elevate your wine experience.

Vineyard Tour on the French Riviera

Visit beautiful area with my vineyard tour that offers a unique opportunity to learn how wine is produced and taste local wines. Enjoy a memorable tasting experience with an expert guide.

Walking Tour in Nice

Discover the hidden food and wine gems of Nice. I’ll show you the best of what Nice has to offer. Join me for a gastronomic adventure.

Ready to book your next wine tasting, vineyard tour, or walking tour? Look no further than VinoLove Club! My tours are the perfect way to explore the world of wine and culture with an expert guide.

wine tasting and tour in nice

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  • star ratingWine tasting in Nice with Julia - The wine tasting was excellent! Julia was very knowledgeable, engaging and tailored the experience to our interests and previous experience. She introduced us to some really interesting wines. Her communication... read more

  • star ratingJulia was an amazing host. Fantastic experience overall - Julia had extensive knowledge of different types of wine and the process behind how each type is made. She also engaged... read more

  • star ratingA favorite activity for wine lovers - One of my favorite things to do in Nice! Julia is very knowledgeable and caters the experience to your preferences.

  • star ratingThis was my first wine tasting session and I learnt so much about wines. It was amazing for me because it was so personalised and Julia was kind enough to... read more

  • star ratingExcellent wine tasting in friendly atmosphere - Fantastic wine experience!
    Very friendly and knowledgeable wine expert Julia led me&my partner through the world of exciting Provence wines.
    Thanks to the wine expertise of Julia, we learned a... read more

  • star ratingJuloa gave us the wine tasting she was very nice. The selection of wine she let us taste was quite diverse. Julia also told us al lot about the production... read more

  • star ratingSuch a lovely afternoon for my hen party. Julia was welcoming and knowledgable. Great selection of wine and some nice nibbles. Really recommend!

  • star ratingIt was a very interested wine tasting and it was a great expirience with the instructure Julia, she told us a lot about wine!

    Szilard D
  •   This is a great way to try unique French wines. Julia is an experienced sommelier. She took our preferences into consideration when selecting the wines and shared insights into the... read more

    thumb Mary
  •   We had a lovely evening with Julia’s wine-tasting. She shared her knowledge in everything wine-related while keeping it informal and fun. Will definitely recommend😊

    thumb Maria K
  •   Julia is a charming hostess and knows her subject inside out. The bar she took us too was excellent - we tasted the wines in the cellar, which had a... read more

    thumb Paul
  •   Great wine tasting event. We were the only non-French speaking couple. Julia made a real effort to translate everything she was explaining about how to taste the wines. It felt... read more

    thumb Thomas
  •   Julia has a lot of knowledge, we learned on our tasting, we went only to one spot but was cool!

    thumb Reef
  •   This wine crawl was amazing and felt really special! Julia had very much knowledge about wine and I learned so much. I would not have found these bars and... read more

    thumb Matilda
  •   Highly recommend this amazing experience - Julia is an amazing host and brought the group together with her knowledge and love of wine

    thumb Gareth
  •   Julia is a delight and the whole experience was wonderful. It felt cosy and private and was a perfect amount of time. I would definitely recommend for anyone traveling alone... read more

    thumb Renee
  • I highly recommend this experience. Julia is extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and creates a very comfortable atmosphere. This ticked all of our boxes for a wine tasting experience.

    thumb Caleb Turner
  • Julia is so kind, accommodating and knowledgeable about all things wine. She made the Tour de France wine tasting experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend Julia for anyone... read more

    thumb Danny Jimenez
  • Wine tasting with Julia is a very pleasant and informative experience ! Not only Julia is a charming and agreeable person, but also she is a great professional and an... read more

    thumb Anastasia Tcarkova
  • Overall the tour was great, I drink vine regularly, and know a great deal about it, but still, Julia impressed me with her knowledge. The wine tour was outstanding !... read more

    thumb Mykhailo Klym
  • Julia helped me better understand the local wines and she just made my day with the wine tasting experince! Very much recommended!

    thumb Tanya Gilea
  • We had a pleasure to join Julia's wine tasting in Nice. These two hours with her were marvelous. We've learned so much about the art of wine making and tried... read more

    thumb kamila ski
  • I enjoyed the whole experience of wine tasting with Julia. Excellent presentation, great ambiance, I definitely recommend.

    thumb Iryna Vlasyuk
  • We had a great time at wine tasting with an expert! Julia learned us a lot and were happy to answer all our questions!

    thumb Nora Wagle Hostvedt

Your Wine Guide and Sommelier in Nice

wine tasting in Nice

Hello, I’m Julia, founder of VinoLove Club. I am your wine guide et la sommelière in Nice, French Riviera.  With the passion and expertise, I share my knowledge to create unforgettable experiences for wine lovers and culture enthusiasts alike.

At VinoLove Club, I offer a range of educational wine tastings, vineyard tours, other cultural and gastronomic experiences that are informative, entertaining, and tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, the tastings will help you improve your knowledge and appreciation of wine. I believe that wine is more than just a drink – it’s a window into the culture and history of a region

I am a wine industry professional with a Master’s degree in Wine Sciences and a certified Sommelier.  I studied wine in France, Spain and Portugal. My extensive academic coursework, self-education, field trips, and work experience ensure an exceptional wine tour experience.

I have gained extensive experience in the wine industry. I’ve produced wine in a Bordeaux chateau, sold Porto wines, and represented a Champagne house. I have also worked as a sommelier for high-end events on the French Riviera and have experience in marketing for a chain of gastronomic shops.

Now, I work in wine tourism in the beautiful wine region of Nice, sharing my knowledge and passion with others through customized tours and experiences. Before my wine adventures, I worked as a tour guide and created audio guides for different cities and museums. This experience inspired me to create informative and entertaining wine tastings and tours.

I’m passionate about wine, gastronomy, history, geography, and cultureToujours à la recherche de nouvelles aventures et connaissances sur le monde qui m'entoure, j'ai hâte de partager toutes mes découvertes avec vous chers amis ! 

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Experience the Best of Nice: Entrust me to Make Your Time Eventful and Delicious

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Guide d'initié

Discover the best places to eat, drink, and visit during your stay in Nice and the French Riviera. Get practical tips and recommendations for making the most of your trip to this beautiful region


Discover how to puzzle out the world of wine tasting with simple and exciting tips for beginners. Learn the basics of wine tasting, wine regions, history, culture and much more.


Contact me for more information about booking tours, joining events, or suggesting partnerships. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and help you plan your next wine adventure.

Why Choose VinoLove Club? Let me Help You Make Your Decision!

Tous les détails sont organisés

Let me take care of organizing your wine activities during your vacation in Nice, French Riviera. My customized tours and wine tastings offer a hassle-free experience, with all details and features tested and ready for you to enjoy. Simply choose from the existing options or indicate your special wishes for a personalized experience.

Les impressions sont garanties

Discover the best and most exciting tours and wine events that offer a combination of knowledge, pleasure, and positive emotions. My goal is to provide you with a fun and interesting experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Join me for an unforgettable adventure.

Les offres sont exclusives

Immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of local life with my immersive tours that go beyond the usual tourist attractions. Discover the best-kept secrets that only experts and local residents know about, and experience a new vacation that will become a small new life.

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Bonjour à tous,

je suis Julia

je bois du vin

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j'organise des expériences œnologiques incroyables

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