Why do you need the right wine tasting glasses and how to choose them

Wine tasting glasses are very important for a wine tasting. How to choose them to truly understand and enjoy your wine? Wine tasting is great, and I understand that you want to get started soon. But if you bought a good wine and want to truly understand and enjoy it, then use the right wine glasses, please. They will help the wine to open. You can feel the most delicate aromas to appreciate your divine drink.

Selection of wine tasting glasses:

1. A wine glass stem.

It would seem that you can drink wine from any vessel. But it is the stem that distinguishes a wine tasting glass from any other vessel. After all, keeping your hand away from the bowl, you do not touch it. Thus, you do not heat the wine. Because your body temperature is higher than the temperature of serving the wine. In addition, you can thus tilt the glass. It allows you to see the color of the wine. Holding onto the stem of a glass, you can easily swirl it.

2. Wine tasting glass shape.

Wine tasting glasses should be curved. Avoid straight lines in the outline of the glass. A wine glass should resemble the shape of an egg or a tulip. When you swirl your glass to extract more aromas, the wine will not spill. Moreover, these aromas will be collected inside the glass bowl. Thus, dropping your nose a little inside the bowl of the glass, you can easily recognize all the aromatic complexity of the wine collected inside the glass. In addition, all aromatic components are collected inside the glass and do not evaporate as quickly as from a rectangular vessel. So after a while you can smell your wine again and try to find even more aromas.

wine tasting glasses height

3. The height of the wine glass.

It all depends on what kind of wine you are going to taste. If the bowl is too high, there is a risk that only the most aggressive aromas can reach your nose. So you miss some subtle, less pronounced notes. On the other hand, if the bowl of the wine glass is too low, the wine may seem too aggressive. The first thing you feel will be the evaporation of alcohol, especially with regard to strong powerful wines.

wine tasting glasses width

4. The proportion of the maximum width of the bowl and the width of its upper part.

Remember that the top of the glass should always be more narrow than the full width of the glass. But not too narrow! The proportion should be somewhere around 8 to 10. This way the aromas will be collected inside the wine glass bowl. So you will be able to smell all the complexity of your wine.

5. Transparent glass.

Perhaps all these drawings and tinted glasses make them more attractive for decoration. But if you choose wine tasting glasses, then the transparency of the glass is very important. Assessing the appearance of the wine will help us learn a lot about the contents.

wine tasting glasses color

Well, these are the basic rules to choose the right wine tasting glasses. I hope you have a basic understanding of how to choose proper wine glasses. There are many more nuances and many forms of wine glasses for different types of wine. I will try to write about their differences in the near future. So follow up or subscribe to my page on Facebook and Instagram so as not to miss anything.

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