Vacantion in Nice. Debunking the stereotypes

There is a lot of information about Nice and French Riviera. Some of you have been on vacation in Nice, many have heard something from friends. It is clearly not the most mysterious place on the Earth. Nevertheless, there are many stereotypes about Nice. Before coming here, I had some stereotypes and prejudices about Nice. Let’s figure out what is true and what is not.

vacation in Nice

Vacation in Nice is very expensive

There is certainly some truth in this statement. Nice is the second most expensive city in France after Paris. Of course, there are many luxurious places and activities that not everyone can afford, only a small percentage of the population of our planet. But! If you try, you will find everything you need in Nice according to your budget. Hotels, bars, entertainment often raise the price in season. It is not only about Nice, but, all tourist destinations. But what prevents you from visiting Nice in the fall? The sea is still warm, you can swim, fewer people, cheaper prices. Isn’t it cute? Even in winter the weather is great, the sun is very pleasant, not tiring. It’s just the time to travel along the French Riviera without the heat and crowds of tourists. The day is shorter? Perfect! It’s time for a French wine tasting!

Fancy and pompous

This is probably more true about Monaco or Cannes, especially in the summer. Nice, as for me, being a fairly large French city, is more diverse and democratic. Yes, there are grands hotels and private beaches. There are casinos and expensive restaurants. But! Nearby you can come to the same beach with your own towel and the only difference will be that the waiter does not bring you a cocktail in a beautiful glass. But the sea, the view, the sun will be the same! Nice has gourmet restaurants and private parties. But nearby you will find a cozy atmospheric bar where local Mesdames and Messieurs drink wine and discuss politics or what they will cook for dinner tomorrow with the same passion.

Vacation in Nice offers you a choice! Fancy and grandiose parties in grands hotels? You are welcome! Street food or a pizza with a bottle of rose on the beach? Why not? Walk on a yacht or a helicopter! Nothing is impossible! Bicycles, trains, cheap buses will help you explore the French Riviera without missing a thing and without losing a minute of time.

Nice is a resort and nothing more

I understand how this stereotype appeared. Many well-known resorts really are a few lines of hotel complexes along the sea. Inside there is everything you need, but outside there is nothing special. Yes, such hotels are luxurious, but faceless, since they are the same all over the world. But believe me, if you think that the same thing awaits you in Nice, then how wrong you are! Nice is a very diverse city. There are a medieval part, Belle Epoque and Art Deco quarter, grands hotels, authentic villages around the city. Here they grow grapes and produce wine right in the city.

In addition, Nice is a very international city. The transport system is well developed. It is very easy and not inexpensive to get to neighboring cities and villages. You can spend time on private beaches with sun loungers and waiters. There are many city beaches. You can find secluded paradise a little further from the city, where there are  only you and the turquoise sea. Vacation in Nice proposes you everything you want. You can even leave and be in the Alps or Corsica in a couple of hours. Nice is a wonderful city where everything is possible! If you still don’t believe me, I will show you!

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