Wine Tasting in Nice

wine tasting in nice

Wine Tasting in Nice - French Riviera

Wine tasting in Nice will allow you to get acquainted with one of the symbols of French culture – wine. Don’t you deserve to treat yourself and taste the best wines in this world? Moreover, being in Provence. Let your inner hedonist reveal himself! You will not regret it! The pleasure that you get from understanding and tasting good wine is worth it!

Wine for me is a true expression of love! Love of the land and its exploration. Its history and heritage. Love of traditions and culture. People, with whom you share wine. Therefore, my project is called VinoLove. I want to share with you a piece of my love of wine.  Wine Tasting is a great occasion for this!

I will teach you how to taste wine, how to understand French wines, how to enjoy wine. Be sure that your experience will be pleasant and interesting.

Wine is the most emblematic drink in Provence and on the French Riviera. Your vacation will not be complete if you do not taste wine. I will help you to find your favourite wine and select the way of discovering it that suits you. Wine tasting in Nice can take many forms. What do you prefer?

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Tastings for wine lovers in Nice

For the Mediterranean, wine is an important part of social life. We will also drink it in the pleasant company of a small group of wine lovers. I always conduct wine tastings only for a small number of people. Sometimes if you are already several people, then you will be alone. Why? I want to create a pleasant cosy relaxed atmosphere. For me, personal contact with each participant of wine tasting is important. I pay great attention to where we taste wine. I believe that the environment will make your experience of a wine tasting in Nice even more pleasant. Let’s taste France! It is so diverse and so delicious! To get satisfaction from your wine experience on the French Riviera, trust the expert to take care of you. The best selection of local wines, new knowledgeinteresting facts, a pleasant atmosphere are guaranteed!

If you want to organize a corporate or private wine tasting or wine game, please, contact me

I organize private and corporate wine tastings:

  • team building for your colleagues
  • surprise for your partner or friends 
  • birthday, hen party celebration
  • wine casino game