The most beautiful beaches on French Riviera

If you are on French Riviera in the summertime, your vacations cannot be complete without discovering some of the most beautiful beaches around. Spend a great day in a secluded corner on a small beach with crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning views. Believe that heaven exists! So here you can get the list of the most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera.

The most instagrammable beach on French Riviera

Paloma beach

How to get by public transport: bus #15 from the MAMAC museum in Nice

This is my favourite beach. Shadow and sun. Private and public beaches. Enough space for everybody. A hiking trail is nearby if you are bored sunbathing. The view of the coastal cliffs, villages on the tops of the rocks and mountains. Greenery all around.

The most isolated

îles de Lérins

How to get by public transport: the ferry from the port of Cannes

There two incredible islands next to Cannes. Go there if you are looking for the most escaped beach day. Make small hiking around the pine trees and attractions of the island and find your perfect bay to settle down for a while and swim in the pure Mediterranean water. These two islands facing Cannes are a true haven. Île Sainte Marguerite, the larger one, is known for its fort which is said to have housed the Man in the Iron Mask, while Île Saint-Honorat, the smaller, is visited for its superb monastery.

The most prestigious beach

Bay of Antibes Billionaires

How to get by public transport: bus # 2 from Antibes railway station

I can’t guaranty you to meet one of Antibes billionaires there. Nevertheless, I promise you the beautiful vies, turquoise water, the shadow from the cedar trees and the true spirit of the Mediterranean. The hiking trail around the peninsula – must do while you are in Antibes. The beach is pretty small. It is rather suitable for swimming than sunbathing. But you always can make hiking or go to the sandy beaches of Antibes or Juan les Pins after.

beaches on french riviera

The most Martian

Plage de Gardanne

How to get by public transport: take a train to Theoule-sur-Mer

beaches on French Riviera

No, I was not mistaken with the name. Here the Estrel massif starts. It is famous for its red-brown mountains. It is these rocks that surround this secret beach from all sides from prying eyes. Complete solitude, only the sound of waves and unusual nature around.

The most joyful beach

La Passable

How to get by public transport: bus #15 from the MAMAC museum in Nice

Most of the young people prefer this beach. It is nice, peaceful, approximately close to Nice, although not crowded. There is a nice view of the Villefranche bay. You can visit the amazing villa and gardens Espouthi-Rothschild and go down to the beach after to make your day full of beauty.

The most tremendous beach on French Riviera

Mala beach

How to get by public transport: Cap-d’Ail railway station or bus # 100 from Nice or Monaco

This little corner of paradise is nestled at the foot of a cliff, between the rocks, and like most of the secret beaches of the French Riviera, it is made of pebbles, gravel and sand. Enjoy this remarkable natural setting where you feel cut off from the world. There are also two restaurants and private beaches on site.

mala beach

The smallest

Plage de la crique des pêcheurs

How to get by public transport: it is right in Monaco. To reach it, you have to go down the stairs near the fishermen’s parking lot or go through the Rainier-III dike.

If you want to have some rest and go swimming after the Monaco tour, I recommend you this secret spot, unknown to the majority of Monaco visitors. Monaco is not famous for its beaches, but the Fisherman’s Cove brings a little peace and serenity to the bustle of this city.

beaches on French Riviera

The beach for jumps on French Riviera

Plage de la Bocca

How to get by public transport: bus # 22 from Cannes railway station

sandy beach

It is a very long narrow sandy beach along the Cannes suburb. In addition to soft sand, you will be pleased with the presence of platforms in the middle of the sea, to which you need to swim. From them, you can jump into the water. So if you are a fan of such fun, then you will appreciate this beach. And of course, the view of the mountains of the Estrel massif will not leave anyone indifferent.

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