Wine Tasting: Tour de Provence

Make your travel to the South of France complete and more delightful!

Expert Knowledge

I have academic degrees, work experience and a great passion for wine

Best local wine selection

I carefully choose the best samples of local wines from Nice and Provence

Small Group

I want to create a friendly atmosphere and personal approach 

What to expect
  •   A spent a lovely evening in a very cute place. Learnt some new stuff about wine. Thank you Julia for this experience 🤗

    thumb Catraniuc
  •   We really enjoyed this tour of nice—and learned so much! The glass of wine at the end of the tour is a nice touch.

    thumb Wendy
  •   Julia was knowledgeable and tailored everything to the audience. Fun and memorable experience.

    thumb Matthew
  •   Great time!

    thumb Mia
  •   This wine tour was amazing, I feel so much more knowledgeable about wine and more confident to order at resturants. Julià made the experience so welcoming for us

    thumb Asha
  •   Had a great time with Julia, she really had a great knowledge of French wine and what makes some wine different than others. Also, the wines we tasted were very good. Would recommend for people interested in learning more about the culture.

    thumb John
  •   Great wine tasting event. We were the only non-French speaking couple. Julia made a real effort to translate everything she was explaining about how to taste the wines. It felt like a very professional wine tasting event and it was a great way to end the evening

    thumb Thomas
  •   I got the unique possibility to be the only one in Julia's group. Her deep knowledge of the wine, wine-making, wine-tasting shifted some of my understandings, prejudices about wines. I really recommend this experience to everyone so to enjoy Julia's passion towards wine.

    thumb Dumitru

2 hours


3 great wines, snacks, educational materials

Group size

Maximum 8 people. Maximum 8 people. If you are more - contact me to organise a private event

per person

Includes: 3-5 great wines, cheese and charcuterie board, educational materials

Per Person

If you are a group starting from 5 people. Contact me if it is your case. 

Hello, my name is Julia. I have a Master degree in Wine Sciences and a Sommelier diploma. I studied wine in Spain, France and Portugal. My knowledge comes from academic courses, constant self-education, numerous field trips and of course working experience. Each of these steps of my life gave me new knowledge and opened up an amazing and very complex world of wine, connected with gastronomy, history, geography, culture. I love to study it, to taste it and to share it. My aim here is to create for you a journey to the wonderful world of wine, making it interesting and enjoyable.

Vineyard tour with wine tasting
Wine Lovers Club Events
Wine Tasting with an expert
Wine Tasting: Tour de France
Wine Tasting: Tour de Provence

How does it work?

We meet at an authentic wine cellar in the centre of Nice

You learn how to taste and choose wine

I tell you about local grape varieties, winemaking, history

You taste several great wines

I give you some practical tips

You discover a wonderful world of local wine culture

I guide you through Bellet and Provence wine regions

We spend an informative and interesting time together

local wine tasting in nice 2

You will be able to

Do you know that there is a wine production right in the city of Nice? Are you curious to taste indigenous grape varieties, which are impossible to find elsewhere? Do you want to taste some original and authentic wines from Provence?

We will start with a brief history. You will learn a lot of interesting things about local winemaking, grape varieties, taste and compare wines from different regions and learn how to choose wines that you like in the future.

Learn to use your senses to immerse yourself in the wine world.  You will understand what wine appearance, its aromas and taste can tell us about the region and the way it was produced. 

I am more than happy to answer all your questions about wine. I want to make a wine tasting interesting and useful for you, so do not hesitate, we can discuss all the curious stuff about wine. 

After the wine tasting, you will feel more confident in your knowledge to choose or talk about the local wine. I explain everything you would like to know about the wine from Nice, Provence and Mediterranean.

Are you curious what is the local wine production history? Do you want to know why the local grape is called “crazy black”? What are the particularities of rose wine production? Is there only rose in Provence?…and much much more…

Event Type Image
Vineyard tour with wine tasting
Age Group All

I will take you to a great place: the vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. We will walk among these beautiful landscapes, visit a winery, learn how wine is made and, of course, taste the best local wines.​

Event Type Image
Wine Lovers Club Events
Age Group All
No description available
Event Type Image
Wine Tasting with an expert
Age Group 18-100

This wine tasting helps you in discovering the wine world, especially when you don't know where to start. It is very informative for beginners. You get essential knowledge and learn how to taste wine and determine its quality. The tasting is helpful to gain more confidence in future wine choices at the shops or restaurants. ​

More details

Event Type Image
Wine Tasting: Tour de France
Age Group 18-100

It is impossible to imagine France without its wine. Let me take you on the journey through French wine regions, their history and the best wines to taste. Being here in France is a great time and place to explore all the diversity of French wine tastes and start understanding them better.

More Details

Event Type Image
Wine Tasting: Tour de Provence
Age Group All

This wine tasting focuses on the local wine and shows its variety, quality and originality. Incredible discoveries and pleasant surprises await you! If you are here to explore and ask all the possible questions about Provence wines, this tasting is a must-do in Nice.

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Contact me

Phone : + 33 7 53 98 86 15

Email : vinoloveclub@gmail.com


You can bring your children, but no wine for them.

How to find?

I will send you all the details after your booking

Can I participate?

Yes, if you enjoy wine and are curious about it.

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