Hiking on French Riviera

Discover French Riviera magnificent landscapes

The best views

We will enjoy the best views between the sea and the mountains

beaten tracks

I check every route before inviting you. Be sure, that it is beautiful and safe

like-minded group

You can meet interesting people with similar interests. Do no hesitate! Join us!

You will be able to

The azure sea, blue clear sky, endless mountains! And all this you can see in full glory! That is how I imagine harmony when nothing else is needed for happiness. Nature, silence, breathtaking views of the French Riviera. I will show you the places which beauty you will remember for a lifetime!

For the hiking on French Riviera we usually have a mixt group. So you can meet interesting travelers or locals, who are passionate about travel, hiking, nature, and most likely something else that you will be interested to learn about. We have several hours of hiking, so we will have time to get to know each other and maybe make friends.

We walk, make a little effort, but in the end we are waiting for a reward! In addition to the enchanting views, we also have a small picnic in the French style. Simple local food, interesting conversations, games. A great pause that motivates you to move on.

I really love the French Riviera and its nature and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you. As well as recommendations on where else to go, what to see, how to get there. You can expect the same from other fellow travelers, who can be both travelers and locals. We can all teach each other something!

You do not need to look for hiking routes in all possible guides and applications, compare them, check the relevance, worry about security. I offer you proven paths: beautiful, safe, accessible.

Although I choose routes of light and medium difficulty, you still have a great walk in the fresh Mediterranean air! You will definitely pass your daily norm of steps! But don’t worry, it’s not too hard, and most importantly what a beauty awaits you ahead!

  •   Julia was knowledgeable and tailored everything to the audience. Fun and memorable experience.

    thumb Matthew
  •   Julia is great! She’s very familiar with French, Spanish, and Portuguese wine, and draws on her experience to enhance the evening. We didn’t feel rushed, and felt like we got our money’s worth.

    thumb Daniel
  •   Julia was very knowledgeable and guided me through learning more about the different components of wine. I feel more confident with my knowledge when describing a wine now.

    thumb Amber
  •   Julia is so informative and is welcoming to any questions. I had a wonderful experience and I now have a much better understanding of wine.

    thumb Courtney
  •   Julia is a delight and the whole experience was wonderful. It felt cosy and private and was a perfect amount of time. I would definitely recommend for anyone traveling alone to talk with nice people and/or couples traveling who want a lovely way to spend an evening!

    thumb Renee
  •   I recommend this experience because you will be in careful friendly hands by having interesting cute evening with good explanation about wine. On top of that you will drink and eat tasty snacks at the same time in nice atmosphere and ambience. You may ask as many questions as you want, and you will get definitely decent accurate reply. You may get experience regarding wine from Cote des Provence region as well.
    So, highly recommended!

    thumb Karina
  •   Rally informative. Julia clearly knows her stuff.

    thumb Roberta
  •   She is very personable, stress free environment, she selected a great bar and showed us the classic wines and tastes of the country

    thumb Ana