Tours and Tastings

Tours and Tastings

Discover French Riviera and Nice in an interesting and fun way! Join our tours and tastings! Let’s taste wine, eat like a local, walk in Nice and enjoy the best views between the sea and the mountains.

I know about your hectic schedule. I also know the only way you truly experience the French Riviera is by visiting all the most beautiful places around Nice. This is why I’ve set a variety of tours around the French Riviera coast. All details and routs are already planned and tested. Just join and enjoy!

In addition to all French Riviera tours, I also offer tours and tastings in Nice. They take place in different parts of the city. Thus you’ll be able to see all attractions of Nice and discover this city from different angles.

Wine unites and creates an atmosphere. It interacts with all your senses. And therefore gives such great pleasure. Wine reduces your anxiety, helps to relax. It is exactly what you want from your vacation, isn’t it? So join our wine tastings in Nice!

Are you on the French Riviera? Do you hope to see not only the must-visit places but also taste the local food? Food tours can greatly simplify your life! After all, everything is already prepared! You just have to join and enjoy delicious food!

Who is it for?

The tours and tastings are aimed at anyone who wants to avoid hassles during his or her French Riviera exploration. Just enjoy the attractiveness of the sights in Nice and around. We cover everything. So even if you are a demanding and experienced traveller, you will be satisfied with the quality of tours and tastings.

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