walking tour in nice

Walking Tour in Nice

Food tour in Nice

We taste local food born from the gastronomic and cultural diversity of the sunny Mediterranean. We drink local wine and discuss its pairing with the food. We walk in the old town of Nice and see its most beautiful and interesting places.

Walking tour in the old town

Turquoise sea, mountains around, rich history, delicious gastronomy, beautiful landscapes. All this awaits you at the walking tour in Nice. I show the most famous attractions and historical sights. Beside it, you will get to the secret spots and hidden gems of the city.

Night tour with a wine adventure

We walk in the city centre of Nice. Be sure to hear many interesting stories about the city history, culture, gastronomy. Meanwhile, we taste magnificent wines at the best spots in Nice. All the selected bars are authentic and have their atmosphere and story to tell.

Tour to Monaco

Monaco is a unique state. Do not lose your opportunity to visit it. It is the second smallest country in the world. At the same time, it is one of the richest and most beautiful states.

Wine tour

vineyard in nice

For this wine tasting, I will take you to a great place: the vineyards overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps. We will walk among these beautiful landscapes, visit a winery, learn how wine is made and, of course, taste the best local wines.

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tailor-made tour in nice

Tailor-made tour in Nice

Nice is the pearl of the French Riviera. Mediterranean climate, the sea, the mountains always attracted people to come here.

It is easy to get confused among the narrow winding streets steeped in history. That is why you may need a good guide who suggests what to do and explore in a limited time! You can just relax and enjoy the life, which plays with all possible colors, sounds, smells and tastes here.

I love this city and I am happy to show its beauty and and its taste. Let’s make a tailor-made tour specially for you! 

Tailor-made tour on the French Riviera

French Riviera tour allows you to enjoy this area of amazing beauty, located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. This cosy nest has a specific microclimate with mild, warm winters and dry, but not too sultry summers. There is always something to do and always great weather for diverse tours. 

Do you want to see all the most beautiful places of the French Riviera?  I shall prepare an exclusive selection to make this day special and memorable for you!

tailor-made tour on the french riviera
  •   The trip with Julia was a great adventure. We tried local dishes, including a very interesting cake with vegetable leaves. We especially enjoyed the amazing stories about Marie Antoinette 🙂

    thumb Sandra
  •   Great wine tasting event. We were the only non-French speaking couple. Julia made a real effort to translate everything she was explaining about how to taste the wines. It felt like a very professional wine tasting event and it was a great way to end the evening

    thumb Thomas
  •   Julia and our bar hosts were amazing! The wine and snacks were delicious and the information was priceless. Would definitely recommend this if you are a wine lover visiting Nice. Thanks, Julia!

    thumb Sami
  •   Julia has a lot of knowledge, we learned on our tasting, we went only to one spot but was cool!

    thumb Reef
  •   We really enjoyed this tour of nice—and learned so much! The glass of wine at the end of the tour is a nice touch.

    thumb Wendy
  •   Julia is so informative and is welcoming to any questions. I had a wonderful experience and I now have a much better understanding of wine.

    thumb Courtney
  •   Julia was knowledgeable and tailored everything to the audience. Fun and memorable experience.

    thumb Matthew
  •   Julia is very knowledgeable about the Wien's and offers some delightful, surprising selection in the tasting. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, wine, location and Julia.

    thumb Jessica
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