Guided Tour in Nice

Guided Tour in Nice

Nice is the pearl of the French Riviera. A Guided Tour in Nice is a great way to get to know the city better, to visit the main attractions and secret locations known only to locals.

The Mediterranean climate, the sea, the mountains have long attracted people here. The first “tourists” came to Nice 400,000 years ago. In this prehistoric period, people hunted mammoths. They  founded a paleontological camp. Or maybe it was a resort in their understanding, who knows?

The first city was founded here by the ancient Greeks. Then came the ancient Romans. The remains of the latter structures, by the way, remained in several parts of the city. They can be seen.

Nice also has a well-preserved medieval town. It is easy to get confused among the narrow winding streets that are steeped in history. There are many shops with local products, restaurants and hidden corners.

Castle Hill rises above the medieval city. There was once an impregnable castle. Now it offers amazing views of Nice, the Cote d’Azur and even the Alps.

Since the 19th century, Nice has become a resort for the aristocracy. This is how the Promenade des Anglais, hotels and palaces in the style of Belle Epoque, and with them the new beautifully decorated areas of the city.

The twentieth century brings to Nice a new Art Deco style, mass tourism, new transformations of the city.

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Is it difficult to choose one? I see. Nice is a city with so many interesting things! It took me months to understand the city, adapt to its rhythm and be imbued with its special art de vivre. And life here plays with all possible colors, sounds, smells and tastes.

So in order to get the best experience in Nice in a limited time you need a good guide. I really love this city and want to show it as beautiful and interesting for you. Nice is very diverse. The people I meet are very different. And my main goal is to make you enjoy your Guided Tour in Nice. Therefore, let’s make an individual tour specially for you! Fill in the form below and I will create your ideal walking tour in Nice.

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