Tasting Tour for Foodies

in the old town of Nice

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The foodies can indulge in the region’s rich culinary heritage

charming old town

Along the way, you’ll also learn about the history and culture

wine tasting

Local Wine Tasting will make it a truly unforgettable experience

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Experience the ultimate tasting tour for foodies in the charming old town of Nice. Explore the vibrant streets and indulge in the delicious flavours of traditional Niçoise cuisine, from savoury socca to sweet pastries. Savour the aromas of freshly baked bread and local herbs, and discover hidden gems loved by locals. As an expert guide, I will take you on a culinary journey, sharing the history and culture behind each dish. Join an unforgettable gastronomic adventure in the heart of the French Riviera.

tour in nice

Indulge in the ultimate foodie experience with our tasting tour in the charming old town of Nice! I will take you on a culinary journey through the winding streets and hidden alleyways of this historic neighbourhood, sharing fascinating stories and insights along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or simply looking to explore the flavors of the French Riviera, our tasting tour is the perfect way to discover the rich gastronomic heritage of Nice. Book now and treat your taste buds to an unforgettable adventure!

My customers reviews :

  • star ratingWe had a great time tasting 6 different styles of wine from various regions in France. Julia is very knowledgeable and will happily answer every question you have. Highly recommended!!

    avatar thumb martinmyhreo
  • star ratingWe had a fantastic time during our wine tasting. Highly recommend for any wine lover! Julia was a great host.

    avatar thumb 140ashleighc
  • star ratingWine tasting in Nice with Julia - The wine tasting was excellent! Julia was very knowledgeable, engaging and tailored the experience to our interests and previous experience. She introduced us to some really interesting wines. Her communication... read more

  • star ratingMyself and my parents had a wonderful time, Julia was amazing, very knowledgeable. I would totally recommend doing it and the price was also very reasonable.

    avatar thumb Matthew Bloomfi... B
  • star ratingThe perfect Vineyard tour and wine tasting experience! Julia was absolutely brilliant and so lovely! She is incredibly knowledgeable and yet has such a nice way of delivering the information... read more

    avatar thumb mikemS1580AO
  • star ratingJulia was an amazing host. Fantastic experience overall - Julia had extensive knowledge of different types of wine and the process behind how each type is made. She also engaged... read more

  • star ratingMake time for this! - This was everything I wanted from a French wine tasting! It was super informative and opened my eyes to high quality wines I loved. I also loved getting to know... read more

  • star ratingMemorable wine tasting experience - This was one of the best wine tastings I have been to. It was a great intro to French wine. Julia guided the class through the tastings, provided great... read more

  •   Je recommande vivement cette activité.
    C’était super.
    Une superbe vue avec un pique nique 5 étoiles.
    Julia est très gentille et très souriante.
    C’était une très... read more

    thumb Vladine
  •   This wine tasting experience was fantastic. Julia is extremely well informed and has a great way of communicating this information to her guests. We would certainly go to this experience... read more

    thumb Rose
  •   We had a great time at this experience! Julia is really knowledgable and answered all of our novice-wine-enthusiast questions (without judgment!).

    thumb Claudia
  •   A fantastic wine tasting with a comprehensive selection and pleasant people. Julia went above and beyond and we truly enjoyed the experience!

    thumb Siddhant
  •   Would be good experience if you enjoy wine, or want to learn more about wines in general.

    thumb Deri
  •   We really enjoyed this tour of nice—and learned so much! The glass of wine at the end of the tour is a nice touch.

    thumb Wendy
  •   Julia is very knowledgeable about the Wien's and offers some delightful, surprising selection in the tasting. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening, wine, location and Julia.

    thumb Jessica
  •   This wine tour was amazing, I feel so much more knowledgeable about wine and more confident to order at resturants. Julià made the experience so welcoming for us

    thumb Asha
  • Julia was extremely knowledgable in every aspect of the wines, she had every answer to all of our questions and made it a very enjoyable experience. Will definitely try again... read more

    Aaron Jackson Avatar Aaron Jackson
  • We had a great time at wine tasting with an expert! Julia learned us a lot and were happy to answer all our questions!

    Nora Wagle Hostvedt Avatar Nora Wagle Hostvedt
  • Julia organised for us (a group of ten) a Tour de Provence wine tasting. The selection of wine and the (blind) tasting session was well prepared. The balance between theory... read more

    Minibouc Avatar Minibouc
  • An amazing experience! Julia was a great guide and we had a perfect afternoon visiting some vineyards and tasting wine

    Brigita Gaižauskaitė Avatar Brigita Gaižauskaitė
  • Lovely lady and very knowledgeable

    Áine O'Reilly Avatar Áine O'Reilly
  • Very nice and informative course, really enjoyed it

    Niklas Avatar Niklas
  • Such a pleasure to meet and learn from Julie! She quickly makes you fall in love with wine, Niece and herself!

    Arevik Mnatsakanyan Avatar Arevik Mnatsakanyan
  • We had a pleasure to join Julia's wine tasting in Nice. These two hours with her were marvelous. We've learned so much about the art of wine making and tried... read more

    kamila ski Avatar kamila ski

Tasting Tour for foodies makes you

Join me for a unique culinary adventure where we’ll taste local food inspired by the sunny Mediterranean region. I will take you on a journey through the flavors and cultures of the area, sharing the history behind each dish. You’ll indulge in simple, yet delicious meals made from a variety of fresh, local ingredients. Don’t miss out on this mouthwatering experience and book your tour today!

Get ready for an exquisite wine-tasting experience. As a sommelier, I will lead you through a carefully curated selection of magnificent wines, sharing their unique characteristics and flavor profiles. Learn how to expertly taste and appreciate each wine. You’ll discover the differences and features of each wine, and gain a deeper understanding of the rich cultural history and traditions behind them. 

Join us for a tour that combines the best of both worlds – delicious local food and wine tasting with a captivating exploration of the historic old city. As we journey through the charming streets and alleys, you’ll discover the hidden gems of this ancient Mediterranean city and uncover its fascinating secrets. As an expert guide, I will lead the way, sharing intriguing stories and insights about the city’s rich history and culture. Along the route, we’ll stop at select locations to sample the finest local food and wine, made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience, book your tour today and savor the flavors of the Mediterranean while immersing yourself in the old city’s unique ambiance.

Get ready for a fun-filled and informative tour that will take you on a journey through the fascinating history, culture, and cuisine of Nice. You will be regaled you with interesting facts and amusing stories about wine, food, and the Mediterranean diet. Discover the secrets behind the delectable dishes and fine wines of the region, and learn how they have been influenced by the area’s rich cultural heritage. From the ancient Greeks and Romans to the vibrant modern-day city, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the fascinating history of Nice. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and tastes of this unique Mediterranean paradise. 


guided tour, 1-3 local wines to taste, new knowledge, memorable experience to enjoy


Old Town of Nice


3 hours

wine tour

Excellent value

The price of my walking tour reflects the value of my knowledge and expertise, as well as the quality of the wine selection.

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Amazing storytelling

If you want access to a friendly and experienced guide and sommelier, then you should sign up for this wine tour.

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I am flexible and accommodating to preferences and needs in providing the best possible experience for my clients.

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  • – 10 % discount for 5-7 persons group
  • – 20 % discount for 8-12 persons group
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For a private tour up to 4 people

Per Group

For a private tour for 5-12 peopel

explore nice

Explore Nice

To get the best experience in Nice in a limited time you need a good and professional guide.

nice wine tour

Taste local wine

To get the best wine experience in Nice you need a professional and friendly sommelier

How does it work?

We meet at Massena square in Nice

You join a crafted walking tour in Nice in a small group

I guide you through key places of interest in Nice

You learn more about the history, culture, wine and modern life of the city

I am open and willing to answer and all of your questions

You get practical tips on restaurants, bars, shops etc from a local insider

We taste local wine at the end

You get memorable and unique experience

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nice wine tour

Hi! I am Julia, your guide in Nice. I started to make tours and experiences to share my passion for history, culture, gastronomy and wine. My educational background is in wine, tourism, and geography. My working experience in tourism and cultural heritage management is more than 10 years. My love of Nice is uncountable.

Your wine guide in Nice


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I am Julia

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