Online Tasting

Online Tasting

We can’t meet in person, but we are able to keep tasting wine and discovering the wonderful wine world together. I invite you to join the online wine tasting. 

online wine tasting
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Introduction to the wine tasting


MARS 14, 20:00


Online Tasting will last about 1 hour, during which you will learn a lot of interesting things about wine and how to begin to understand it, and you will also be able to ask all your questions.

After the registration you’ll get the link to join the wine tasting and the list of recommended wines  to be prepared

If you are older than 18, like wine, interested to know more about it, meet like-minded people and spend a nice evening you are more than welcomed.

It is free. The idea is to create a community of people interested in wine, gastronomy, culture to organise different kinds of wine-related events in future. 

Introduction to the Wine Tasting

Why wine is more than just a drink

How to Taste wine

What can colour, aromas and flavours tell us about wine

How wine is produced

Grape Varieties

French winemaking regions

Climate and terroir

How to read a label

online wine tasting
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Wine Tasting and Tour

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