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This blog about Nice will help you to reduce the efforts in searching for the tips regarding what to see, what to taste, what to do in Nice.

Blog about Nice is a great tool to visit Nice, the most beautiful city of the Riviera. Both French and Italian. It is a great place where you can come and start your exploration of the Cote d’Azur. Nice has one of the largest airports in France. Even from the window of a landing plane you will see how beautiful the city is. It is framed by mountains and the sea. The airport is located in the city itself. Taking a tram or a taxi, driving along the palm-framed seaside boulevard, in half an hour you will be in the city center. And this city also has something to surprise you. Here you will find:

  • Old medieval city
  • Castle Hill with panoramic views
  • Entire areas with Belle Epoque and Art Deco style hotels and villas
  • 7 km of promenade along the turquoise sea
  • Restaurants and wine bars
  • Vineyards right in the city
  • Foothills of the Alps, which encircle the city from all sides
  • The sun, the eternal warm pleasant sun.

Nice makes me smile, squint from the sun and be happy. There is so much to learn in the city itself. And even more around. Moreover, living in Nice is very convenient to get to other cities, villages and beaches of the entire French Riviera by train or bus. This blog about Nice will be  a useful guide while you visit Nice.

Tours and Tastings in Nice

We will taste the best French wines in an authentic cozy local bar and you will find the answers to all your questions about wine.
Wine Tasting with an Expert
We will enter the most interesting places of the city, learning about their history and their connection with wine and taste wine like a locals.
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