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Are you interested in gastronomy or do you just love to eat? In any case, this food blog comes in handy on your gastronomic adventures!

I decided to make a food blog in order to share with you my discoveries in gastronomy, regional peculiarities of food culture and just interesting facts about what we eat, why and how it affects our lives.

I am very curious to study how closely gastronomy is woven into the cultures of certain regions. What distinguishes the eating habits of some peoples from others? Why? Is it related to history.

After all, food is not just a means to get full. It is one of the pleasures that are available to us. What makes food tasty? Is it possible to make the prepared dish more appetizing?

How is our taste formed? What influences it? Who is a real foodie? And what is it like to be?

Of course, one of the main topics that I will write about here is the wine and food pairing. After all, speaking of gastronomy, we cannot but pay attention to wine. This drink makes any meal more harmonious and fine. How to match wine and food? How to choose wine for dinner? I will try to help you with the answers to these questions. After all, a skillful wine and food pairing does not double, but triple your pleasure. Because you are not just adding one to the other. You create a new best taste! Let’s learn to create this sheer harmony together!

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We will taste the best French wines in an authentic cozy local bar and you will find the answers to all your questions about wine.
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We will enter the most interesting places of the city, learning about their history and their connection with wine and taste wine like a locals.
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