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I want to create for you a journey to the wonderful world of wine. Wine is a great pleasure and discovery of my life. I love to study it, to taste it and to share it. That was the main reason why I have started the VinoLove project

I studied wine in Spain, France and Portugal. I worked in the wine industry in France, Portugal and Ukraine. I have been to many vineyards and wineries. Thanks to wine I met dozens of wonderful people dedicated to their passion.

Each of these steps of my life gave me new knowledge and opened up an amazing and very complex world of wine, connected with gastronomy, history, geography, culture. This versatility does not quench my thirst for the study of wine and I am impatient to share all my discoveries with you!

I am still on my way around the amazing wine world and keep walking daily. Because having started once it is impossible to stop discovering wine again and again. So let’s do it together!

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I often post something interesting on social media. There you will find the most interesting posts, news, beautiful photos and videos, practical recommendations and even promotions. So let's keep in touch!

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