Wine, food, travels are my great passions. This is my job and hobby at the same time. I like to explore wine, gastronomy, geography, culture, history. I am always obsessed with the new research, experimentation and travels. And I also want to write about wine, food and extremely beautiful French Riviera, thus sharing all my knowledge and experience with you! Therefore, I created this blog. I really hope that you find something useful and interesting here.

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wine blog


I studied, traveled, tasted, met outstanding people on my way. Making mistakes and discoveries. I continue to study, to travel, to taste. And I want to share all my knowledge and experience with you through my wine blog in an interesting and laconic way.

french riviera hiking blog


Do you remember the best journey of your life? Has light nostalgia already taken over you? Now forget it! Because when you see the French Riviera in all its glory, everything that was before does not matter! The sea, the mountains, lost medieval villages. The breathtaking views that make you fall in love.

blog about nice


Nice is the best city on the Earth! It is a love at first sight. I would say: at a plane landing. This city changes everything. Nice inspires. It is impossible to be unhappy in this city. Because there are so many things that in a split second will return a smile to your face.

food blog


Living in the Mediterranean, I became interested in gastronomic culture. Because here, food is a part of the historical heritage. It is an important part of modern life! I'm very curious. You? Therefore, I became interested in this topic and am glad to share my gastronomic discoveries.

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I often post something interesting on social media. There you will find the most interesting posts, news, beautiful photos and videos, practical recommendations and even promotions. So let's be friends!

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