Ancient Roman and Medieval paths of French Riviera

We meet in Nice and take the bus to the village of La Turbie. This is a unique old village that combines monuments of ancient Roman and medieval architecture, as well as magnificent views of the French Riviera and even the territory of Italy. We will talk where the Romans came to these lands, what they brought with them, and what they built. If you wish, you can visit the museum complex created around the Trophy of Augustus, a Roman trophy celebrating the emperor Augustus’s decisive victory over the tribes who populated the Alps. Then we walk along the quiet cinematic streets of a medieval village, sip coffee with an amazing view and move on to explore the surroundings. We follow the trail, along which the most beautiful views of the Côte d’Azur open up, walk to one of the historic fortifications around Nice and stop for a picnic. We relax, enjoy the views, food, flora and fauna around and go down to another pearl of the French Riviera – the village of Eze. This is the so-called nest village, located on the verge of a cliff between the sea and the mountains, built in this way for better defence. Inside, the medieval appearance of its streets of houses has been preserved, which we are going to study. After the walk, we will have an excursion to the Fragonard perfume factory. You will learn how this rather popular local craft developed.
Then you can stay in Eze, go down to the sea, or return by bus to Nice.